• Brampton and Oxnead Village Quiz 30th July 2016

    The 2016 quiz will be held in the Village Hall on Saturday July 30th and is open to all residents of Brampton and Oxnead and their friends.

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  • VILLAGE QUIZ 29th April

    The Village Club presents a quiz including music from 8pm on 29th April 2016 in the Village Hall. Teams of 2 -4 welcome (some flexibility may be allowed). Please tell neighbours and friends as we would like a good turnout. The bar will be open and children are very welcome if supervised.

    It should be a fun evening with something for everyone.

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  • Club open 26/06/2015

    I have been asked to remind everyone that the Brampton Club & Bar will be open tomorrow night (26th) and Digby has also asked me to let the beer drinkers know that he has procured a “a little pin from tipples brewery of their ‘ginger’. A light bitter enthused with ginger, it’s a really lovely beer and well with a try”!

    See you there ???

  • Village Club News and Election Debate

    The Brampton Village Club will be open on the evening of Saturday 28th March 2015 and a “Guest Beer” will be available. The club is open to all residents of Brampton and Oxnead, their friends and relatives. Children are welcome if supervised. Club opens at 8pm.

    There will also be a VILLAGE DEBATE in the hall followed by a Club opening on April 24th (see below). APOLOGIES TO UKIP – earlier versions of the poster had the wrong name for their contributor – I apologise (SIW)

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  • Brampton / Oxnead Village Debate and club opening reminder

    Please note that the Village Hall Club and Bar will next be open on February 28th from 8pm with a guest real ale available. All residents of Brampton and Oxnead are welcome together with accompanied friends and relatives.


    At 7.30pm on Friday 24th April 2015 in the hall there will be a General Election debate with representatives of the Conservative, Green, Labour, Liberal-Democrat and UKIP parties. It will be a Question time type of format and present will be at least one MEP, two prospective parliamentary candidates  and other representatives able to speak for the candidates of their parties. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO ASK THE QUESTIONS AND HOLD THE PARTIES TO ACCOUNT. The bar will be opened immediately afterwards. It should be an interesting night and a chance to participate in a local hustings for the first time in Brampton / Oxnead since, at least, 1945.

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  • Village Club opening dates

    It’s your Village Hall and Club so you might like to make a note of the forthcoming opening dates for 2015.

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  • Xmas Party 2014

    Seasons greetings to all – details of the party are below. They can also be found on the Facebook page (see here)

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  • Village Club Musical Soiree 27/09/2013

    There is a musical soiree at the village club on the evening of September 27th using the very atmospheric wind-up gramophone and 78rpm records – floor singers welcome. Bring and share food (if you want to – not obligatory) – free admission. Bar opens at 8pm.2709poster image


    Brampton Church is the most important building in the village, both architecturally and historically.  It is also, arguably, the most beautiful building in the village.  Built in Medieval times, its function was twofold: a place of worship and a social space for village celebrations and feasts.  It was only during the Victorian era that churches became reserved solely for worship.

    I believe reverting Brampton Church to a building with both religious and social functions has a huge amount in its favour:

    • The  nave would make a wonderful hall; large enough for big parties, wedding
      receptions, etc.
    • It  is positioned amongst lovely fields with great views
    • There  is land available for parking
    • There  is room to build onto the side to provide separate toilets, kitchen/bar
      and snug
    • Services  can continue in the chancel, separated from the nave by a
      screen/door.  However, this could be  opened for bigger services, so the whole church could be used again.

    However, my main reason for supporting this plan is that I fear our church will become redundant in the next 20 years.  The congregation is small, and funding such a building for so few is not something, realistically, the C of E is likely to continue.  What might then
    happen to our church? Probably it would be sold as a private house, or just allowed to deteriorate.  I find this very, very sad.

    The possibility of using the church as
    a multi-function building is an exciting and realisable way of saving this
    much-loved landmark, and providing a space for both religious and social
    functions for us and our children, long into the future.


    Brampton Village Hall has a history that dates back to 1889.  It was purpose built and maintained by the village for us all to use, undergoing a major rebuild in the 1970s.

    Home to the Village Club, the hall is in a reasonably central location, and provides the only secular public space in Brampton.

    I believe we should preserve and renovate the existing hall for a number of reasons, not least the issues of simplicity and cost:

    • This is cheapest of all the options and also has the advantage that the work does not have to be completed in one go, but can be staged and carried out bit by bit, utilising some volunteer labour.
    • The initial renovation of the interior decoration could be done immediately by volunteers for next to nothing
    • This option requires no planning approval or legal work and can, therefore, begin straight away
    • Alternative uses would need to be found for the site if it is not renovated which may not meet with village approval

    Granted the hall is not perfect – it has no car parking for one thing – but it is ours, it is there and, with relatively little expenditure, could be returned to a good condition for everyone to enjoy.

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