Brampton Village Hall has a history that dates back to 1889.  It was purpose built and maintained by the village for us all to use, undergoing a major rebuild in the 1970s.

Home to the Village Club, the hall is in a reasonably central location, and provides the only secular public space in Brampton.

I believe we should preserve and renovate the existing hall for a number of reasons, not least the issues of simplicity and cost:

  • This is cheapest of all the options and also has the advantage that the work does not have to be completed in one go, but can be staged and carried out bit by bit, utilising some volunteer labour.
  • The initial renovation of the interior decoration could be done immediately by volunteers for next to nothing
  • This option requires no planning approval or legal work and can, therefore, begin straight away
  • Alternative uses would need to be found for the site if it is not renovated which may not meet with village approval

Granted the hall is not perfect – it has no car parking for one thing – but it is ours, it is there and, with relatively little expenditure, could be returned to a good condition for everyone to enjoy.

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