Brampton / Oxnead Village Debate and club opening reminder

Please note that the Village Hall Club and Bar will next be open on February 28th from 8pm with a guest real ale available. All residents of Brampton and Oxnead are welcome together with accompanied friends and relatives.


At 7.30pm on Friday 24th April 2015 in the hall there will be a General Election debate with representatives of the Conservative, Green, Labour, Liberal-Democrat and UKIP parties. It will be a Question time type of format and present will be at least one MEP, two prospective parliamentary candidates  and other representatives able to speak for the candidates of their parties. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO ASK THE QUESTIONS AND HOLD THE PARTIES TO ACCOUNT. The bar will be opened immediately afterwards. It should be an interesting night and a chance to participate in a local hustings for the first time in Brampton / Oxnead since, at least, 1945.

Brampton Debate poster001


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