• Brampton time travelers leap back in time

    Jilly and Piet prepare to travel back to the 1940’s (To the Sheringham 1940’s Weekend), although from Brampton in 2018 – perhaps not such  large leap after all…!

  • Brampton Autumn – bronze


    A few sharp frosts in recent days have nipped the leaves off the Sycamore and the Ash trees, but the Oak leaves have just turned a rich burnished bronze. This one, on the south side of Keeper’s Wood gently glows in the morning sunlight.

  • Remembrance


  • The concentration of a hunting Barn Owl

    A Barn Owl surveys the meadow amongst a sea of Buttercups on an early June evening

    A Barn Owl, one of the Hall Farm pair, watches intently from a convenient fence post on the Long Meadow. Not all hunting is on the wing, sometimes watching and waiting does the job. Shortly after this photo was taken the Owl gently dropped on an unsuspecting mouse and then disappeared towards its hungry brood.

  • Brampton Spring: May slips into her Summer clothes

    So far, the weather during Whitsun has been ideal. Warm days with the ocassional shower have helped the hedgerows, meadows and banks to burgeon. It has led to that ideal combination, the rich and varied greens topped with the whites and creams of Hawthorn and Cow Parsley. Just before the lanes have, out of safety and necessity, to be mown back, we have enjoyed the rich diversity of it all. No frost of any note has court back the blossom, so in time we should enjoy a fruitful Autumn.

    Lush grass , Buttercups and hawthorn blossom garland the May meadow
    Lush grass , Buttercups and hawthorn blossom garland the May meadow
  • Harvest Festival

  • Drama of a Brampton sunset

    A dramatic portent of settled weather – for the time being at least
  • An Autumn Saturday and bulb planting is underway in the village. Not guerrilla gardening as such, but part of a Parish Council plan to provide an uplift to the village scene. Species Crocus around the village sign and wild Daffodils around he bus shelter will hopefully provide a splash of colour next Spring (as long as we planted the bulbs the right way up…..!).
  • Prepared for winter

    Ready for Winter – artfully stacked woodpile
  • Large Skipper Butterfly on riverside Thistle

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