• Carols & Services at Brampton Church


  • Village Hall events NOV / DEC 2016

    An update on Village Hall events in the run up to Xmas. I apologise for the lateness of this again as I have not been 100% and I was waiting for some confirmations. The following events are planned –

    1. A brief informal meeting at 8pm on Friday 25th November in the Village Hall. This will be to discuss future plans and events including, possibly, a re-structuring of Club and Hall management. A few volunteers are required but the time-call is not great although you will be doing a service for your village. This meeting will be followed by –
    2. The opening of the Village Club and Bar from 8.30pm (or perhaps a little earlier) on FRIDAY 25th NOVEMBER. I am hoping that ADY will be running one of his “WIND-UP” nights at this opening with music like it used to be and convivial company.
    3. The VILLAGE CHILDREN’S XMAS PARTY from 4pm on DECEMBER 24th (Xmas Eve) to be organised by Geoff and Helen who will provide more details nearer the time but if you have children that may like to attend in your family please let them know (or via a reply to this email).
    4. Traditionally there is an adults VILLAGE XMAS PARTY on the evening following the children’s event. Children are welcome to this if accompanied and supervised. Normally this involves bring and share food and I have not heard that it won’t so please assume it will.
    St Peters in the snow
    St Peters in the snow
  • The marsh in Winter

    Midwinter on the marsh. This morning’s sharp frost, a low sun and the chill threat of showers sweeping in from the north, combine to colour and etch the landscape. A section of a rainbow briefly touches the Mill Marsh as a brief squall washes in. A Kestrel is mobbed by a Crow and I hear the high pitched call of an unseen Kingfisher. The river runs high in its banks and the pool below the sluice does not look at all inviting. The dogs and I are thankful for the frost which has made out progress much easier over the muddy well-used river path.

    By the time we reach the Common, the sun has raised the air temperature as long as we keep out of the wind. Moles have pockmarked the drier sections of river bank, but the soke dykes are full and the drains are running. Just below the

    Rainbow on the marsh
    Rainbow on the marsh

    horizon, the sun picks out the colours of cottages.

  • Brampton carol singing 2014

    Thank you to all those who sang carols so heartily under a starlit sky during Christmas Eve around the village. We are grateful those who welcomed us to their door steps and into their houses, to those who delayed or interrupted their meals and helped us celebrate Christmas. You generously donated £212.77 to our collection in aid of the East Anglian Children’s Hospice.

  • Christmas 2014

    The Parish Council for Brampton and Oxnead wishes you a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. Over the festive period the Clerk is taking a well deserved break but in emergencies please contact Stuart Wilson, the Chairman.

    The photos are from the Brampton Carol Concert held on December 21st 2014. Remember that the Carol Singers will be round as normal on Christmas Eve so please give them a cheery welcome and be generous.

    Brampton Carol Concert 2014 copyright Stuart Wilson
    Brampton Carol Concert 2014 copyright Stuart Wilson


    Brampton Carol Concert 2014 copyright Stuart Wilson
    Brampton Carol Concert 2014 copyright Stuart Wilson
    Brampton Carol Concert 2014 copyright Stuart Wilson
    Brampton Carol Concert 2014 copyright Stuart Wilson
  • Carol Service

    Christmas at Brampton Church 2014


  • Xmas Party 2014

    Seasons greetings to all – details of the party are below. They can also be found on the Facebook page (see here)

    xmas party final 2014001

  • Hunger in the hedgerows

    Two Sundays before Christmas. Food in the hedgerows is in short supply. I hear news that a hungry fox has cleared out a hen house at Spratt’s Green. It is certainly at this point in time that the thrushes turn to the Hawthorn berries. Until now they have studiously avoided the bitter red pippy berry, but as we walk along the railway line we follow a cloud of Fieldfares and other thrushes as they work the hedge. They chatter and chortle as we arrive. Then move away as a flock, circle in our wake and settle to their task. Goldfinches and Linnets concentrate upon whatever they can glean along the margins.   Survival has become the key as the period of plenty has ended.

  • Annual Xmas Party

    Xmas party flyer 2013

  • Carol singer’s charity collection 2011

    The Carol Singers collected £215 on Christmas Eve and this has been sent to Quidenham Children’s Hospice (part of East Anglian Children’s Hospices http://www.each.org.uk/) to give some small help to them as they support children and their families with the challenges that having a life-threatening condition can bring.

    Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to donate during the Carol Singer’s tour of the village or at the Church service which followed.

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