• Glass Recycling

    The Glass recycling bank is now being managed by the Parish .

    Please take all your glass to the Bottle Bank.

    Brampton and Oxnead will then receive the credits.


  • An Autumn Saturday and bulb planting is underway in the village. Not guerrilla gardening as such, but part of a Parish Council plan to provide an uplift to the village scene. Species Crocus around the village sign and wild Daffodils around he bus shelter will hopefully provide a splash of colour next Spring (as long as we planted the bulbs the right way up…..!).

    Brampton Church is the most important building in the village, both architecturally and historically.  It is also, arguably, the most beautiful building in the village.  Built in Medieval times, its function was twofold: a place of worship and a social space for village celebrations and feasts.  It was only during the Victorian era that churches became reserved solely for worship.

    I believe reverting Brampton Church to a building with both religious and social functions has a huge amount in its favour:

    • The  nave would make a wonderful hall; large enough for big parties, wedding
      receptions, etc.
    • It  is positioned amongst lovely fields with great views
    • There  is land available for parking
    • There  is room to build onto the side to provide separate toilets, kitchen/bar
      and snug
    • Services  can continue in the chancel, separated from the nave by a
      screen/door.  However, this could be  opened for bigger services, so the whole church could be used again.

    However, my main reason for supporting this plan is that I fear our church will become redundant in the next 20 years.  The congregation is small, and funding such a building for so few is not something, realistically, the C of E is likely to continue.  What might then
    happen to our church? Probably it would be sold as a private house, or just allowed to deteriorate.  I find this very, very sad.

    The possibility of using the church as
    a multi-function building is an exciting and realisable way of saving this
    much-loved landmark, and providing a space for both religious and social
    functions for us and our children, long into the future.

  • Next Meeting

    The next scheduled meeting will be held on Wednesday 14 December 2011 in the Village Hall starting at 7.30pm.
    There will be an opportunity for members of the public to ma ke comments to the Council and any Planning Applications will be available for inspection from 7.15 pm.

    The agenda for the next meeting and the draft minutes of the  previous meeting will be available at at least 3 clear days before the meeting.

    Community Hall Survey There will be an opportunity to make comments on the options  put forward in the  Village Hall Options Report produced by the Working Group and adopted by the Council on 4th July.

    The Council is a corporate body made up of seven elected Councillors which meets at least four times a year.

    Contact information:     The parish Clerk: [email protected]

    Phone: 01263732078   Address: Brampton & Oxnead PC, 4 Banningham Road, Ingworth, Norwich, NR11 6PE

    Meetings are normally held on Wednesdays in the Village Hall starting at 7.30p.  Future  meetings:
    Wednesday 14th December 2011 (to set the budget for 2012-13)
    Wednesday 21st March 2012

  • The Parish Council

    Brampton & Oxnead Parish Council  may be contacted through the parish clerk
    The seven parish councillors
    Stu Wilson (Chairman)

    Mark Little  (Vice Chairman)       Fiona Scott
    Jonathan Spinks                             William Spinks
    Margaret Whiley                             William Youngs

    District Councillor –  Barbara Rix 01603 278095
    County ConcillorDavid Harrison 01263 733316


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