We now have an opportunity to create a new, purpose built amenity for our village. Importantly, it focuses the requirements for a venue, outdoor space and parking on a single site and I believe this is the best option.

    • Its location would bring Upper and Lower Brampton together. Additional advantages are that there are no direct neighbours, and it could provide overflow parking for congested residential streets
    • It could offer a base for clubs, societies and social activities including village Christmas parties and barbeques, sports and children’s play. It could also be a resource for allotment holders, and would allow us to hold our fete without closing the road, saving us money. Indeed some activities would generate income
    • This is a chance to develop a sustainable, low running cost building based on green credentials that would be sympathetic to the surrounding landscape
    • Based on the ‘two birds with one stone’ principle, we could progress this scheme in conjunction with a church development (a kitchen and toilet, for example) for other community events or joint venue ventures

    In order to realise this scheme and retain the existing playing field, we will need more land. This could come from allotment land, either through negotiations now or else development could be delayed until the current tenant has given up his lease. Alternatively, parking could be designated along the top side of Low Farm adjacent to the road, again subject to negotiation and approval.

    This development, which will require planning permission, will allow us to build an environmentally friendly one-stop-shop for a host of future community events.

  • The Village Hall debate: the Champion’s Views

    The Parish Council invited three prominent individuals from the Parish to give their views, in no more than 300 words, as to why they believe their favoured village hall option for the future should be chosen. We publish their articles here. They are not in any order of preference but it is hoped that they will assist with the debate.


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