The Island

Footpath by “The Island”

The County Council originally granted the footpath order requested and campaigned for by Brampton & Oxnead Parish Council through the Island on the north bank of the Bure. This has now been appealled against and a Planning Inquiry will take place to determine the future of this path. The County Council have backed away from supporting their order and are taking a neutral stance it therefore falls to the Parish Council to make the case before the Inspector.

Wildlife and Country Side Act 1981 Section 53 Norfolk County Council (Brampton) Modification Order 2010

Brampton Footpath No 9 – Order to add a public footpath to the Definitive Map and Statement of Public Righes of Way across the area of land known as ‘the island’ adjoining Public Footpath No 9, Brampton.

Please see information for the Inquiry by the Planning Inspectorate into this Order which will be held at 10.00 am on Tuesday 19th July 2011 at Marsham Village Hall, High Street, Marsham, Norwich NR10 5AE.  It is anticipated that it will last for just one day

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