• Brampton Debate?

    During the forthcoming General Election we are considering (as a Village Hall )inviting representatives of each main party standing to a “hustings” and debate in the Village Hall. 5 minutes each to speak and then questions for the remainder of an hour then an informal evening afterwards with the bar open. Good idea or bad – please let us know?

  • Brampton and Oxnead Parish Council win POLLING STATION reprieve

    The threat to our Polling Station in Brampton Village Hall has been lifted at least for the time being. Broadland DC were reviewing smaller polling stations with a view to merging them. Their preferred option for us was that our residents should vote in Buxton. The Parish Council objected strongly to this on the grounds that it would discourage democratic engagement. We believed and stated that you cannot put a price on democracy. After die consideration Broadland will not be recommending this change. Therefore the polling station will remain in the Village Hall.


  • Extraordinary meeting of Parish Council 8/10/2014 @ 19:30

    There will be a special meeting of Brampton and Oxnead Parish Council to be held in the Village Hall at 7.30pm on the 8th October. This is to discuss the proposed possible change to the Brampton Polling Station which would see it moved from the Village Hall to Buxton. Everybody has been circulated by Broadland and asked for their views – we would also like to know what you think as, on the face of it, this is a profoundly un-democratic suggestion. If you could spare 15 minutes to attend the meeting and give your views it would be appreciated. As always please let neighbours etc know.

  • Village hall renovations

    Brampton Village Hall has recently had new windows installed and the Management Committee are asking if anyone would help us to make some curtains to complete the job. They will be quite simple – unlined and it would be good if we could find enough people to do one set each (1.e. 5 offers of help). If you are able to help please contact Fiona or this website.

  • Chilli and Concert in the Village Hall

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