• Brampton Spring Litter Pick

    As promised, the rain cleared just in time for the annual Tidy Up on Saturday. A dozen volunteers combed the highways and byways of the parish in order to gather the rubbish dumped by the careless. Seven bags full of beer cans, bottles, fast food boxes and others detritus resulted from an hours work. Thank you to everyone who contributed theie time.


  • Oxnead: Eye of Heron

    What struck me was the cold, glassy eye of the Heron perching on a low fence at Oxnead this morning. The slight frost last night had still not entirely melted and the young Heron seemed to be waiting for movement or a sign of life.


  • Carols & Services at Brampton Church


  • Brampton Autumn – bronze


    A few sharp frosts in recent days have nipped the leaves off the Sycamore and the Ash trees, but the Oak leaves have just turned a rich burnished bronze. This one, on the south side of Keeper’s Wood gently glows in the morning sunlight.

  • Jam news – sale of produce to benefit Brampton Church – can you help?

    The mini market stall (“Fiona’s Fayre”) at the junction of The Street and Marsham Road has been a storming success. Fiona’s Crab Apple Jelly has been whizzing off the shelves. If any one else in the village would be willing to sell their Autumn produce on the stall they would be very welcome – so if you have some spare jams or jellies, some fresh vegetables or other home grown produce, then please add to the stall’s delectable selection. All proceeds collected go for the benefit of Brampton Church.

  • Brampton Autumn – the Golden horde


  • Brampton Autumn – silence with burst of birdsong

    It is the Autumnal silence which hits you on an early morning walk from Brampton to Oxnead. Silence punctuated only by occasional sharp bursts of song – a Robin, the screech of a Jay and the repetitive fluting of a Nuthatch in the Keeper’s Wood. Then there were Kingfishers – a pair chasing and calling upstream to the mill pool, another single bird calling from a perch above the sluice. It has been a good year for Kingfisher numbers so far, with numbers increased from a successful breeding season.

  • Brampton in September

    This week the House Martins abandoned our skies and headed for warmer climes. Recently they had gathered in wheeling flock of 40+ over the village – something akin to training flights for the late fledged young combined with a feeding frenzy. Air Temperatures had been high since Tuesday and the sky had become that deep shade of blue – cloudless and somewhat oppressive. Temperatures hit 32 degrees C (89 degrees Fahrenheit in old money) and activity on the ground had slowed. Then I noticed that they had gone – as ever to some unseen signal they had dissappeared. No stragglers apparent since then as I write this on a Saturday evening. The place is somewhat quiet without their movement and their cheerful calls.

  • Brampton – soaring Buzzards

    Buzzards have moved from rare to commonplace in Norfolk over the last twenty years or so. However common they are, I still thrill to the site of the family groups that soar on the village thermals. This morning (Sunday)  we watch as a group of four – presumably tow adults and two young – slowly circle over the Common. We immediately assume, probably wrongly, that the individual which soars at a higher level, conveniently away from the others, is the male. The other three circle one another, calling constantly and occasionally making contact in some form of aerial game of tag. A feint and a roll, one of the pair turning upside down as they touch talons in mid air – some form of pretend exchange of food or some such. All through this their mewing calls drift down from a sky of almost Italianate blue.

  • Road Closure in Brampton

    There is to be a road closure in Brampton starting on 20th September to do with BT works (possibly associated with the project to bring faster Broadband).
    The following is a quote from the order – “NORFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL has made a Temporary Traffic Order affecting the U57099 Marsham Road from its junction with U57291 The Street to its junction with U57099 Oxnead Road in the PARISH OF BRAMPTON because of BT street cabinet, power installation, ducting and overhead cabling connection works.
    The road will be temporarily closed (except for access) from 20th September 2016 to 3rd October 2016 for the duration of the works, expected to be about 14 days within the period”.
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