• Brampton Spring: Easter Sunday – departures and arrivals

    The morning of Easter Sunday is clear and bright. The fresh southerly breeze of yesterday afternoon has delivered change. This morning Spring migrants have arrived. Only last Thursday the Winter Thrushes, Fieldfare and Redwings, were gathering on the freshly ploughed Church Field. By Good Friday they had left for the tundra.

    This morning a single Swallow swooped around Fern Cottage, vibrant chattering call announcing its arrival. The garden near Pear Tree Pyghtle echoes to the persistent call of a Chiffchaff. A flock of Golden Plover drift around on the strong breeze directly over the village; their melodic, almost mournful, whistling calls gently shower down. The flock numbers forty or so, perhaps more. They stopover for a few days in Spring and Autumn – centring on the same fields and occasionally setting off on circular flights around the parish calling as they go. To me this is the real sign that Spring is here.

  • Brampton Spring – Palm Sunday

    The Island was full of Snipe. As we walked along the footpath they spring from the river margin singly and in groups, or “Wisps” as they are known – such a descriptive collective noun; covering both their alarm call and their diminutive and rapidly scattering disappearance. Yesterday’s northerly breeze has calmed and it was now so Spring-like. A promise of warmer weather in the week ahead.

    David reports of a flock of chattering birds in the river Alders – from their size, noise and description we wonder if they were Waxwings pausing briefly on their way north.

  • Brampton litter pick 2016

    We are grateful to those hardy souls who turned out on Saturday for the annual litter pick. They managed to select the one dry hour during and otherwise showery day and completed a thorough litter picking tour of the highways and byways of the parish. It is a strangely satisfying task although it is regrettable that it is necessary. At least now we can look forward to the Spring in the knowledge that the hedgerows do not look like a dumping ground.

    Some volunteers gather for business
    Some volunteers gather for business

  • Oxnead in Winter

    Some beautiful new year blues, from below Oxnead Mill - 2016
    Some beautiful new year blues, from below Oxnead Mill – 2016
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