• Old brickwork at Oxnead Lock

    The decaying brickwork of the Oxnead Lock. According to Edwin Rose (writing in 1993 as part of the Norfolk Archaeological team at Gressenahll) this brickwork was probably built in 1851 when the Mill was refurbished, although it is possible that some parts of the structure may date back to 1775 when the original engineering work on the cut was completed.


  • Oxnead: Eye of Heron

    What struck me was the cold, glassy eye of the Heron perching on a low fence at Oxnead this morning. The slight frost last night had still not entirely melted and the young Heron seemed to be waiting for movement or a sign of life.


  • Carol singing on Christmas Eve

    The Brampton Carol Singers img_0941Would like to thank all of those who donated during their Christmas Eve tour of the village

    You helped to raise £200 for East Anglia Children’s Hospices https://www.each.org.uk


  • Carols & Services at Brampton Church


  • Xmas events in Brampton and Oxnead

    Three dates for your diary –

    1. 4pm Sunday 18th December – the annual Carol Concert in St Peters, Brampton
    2. THE ANNUAL (adults) XMAS PARTY in Brampton Village Hall from 8pm – this is traditionally a bring and share food event although that is not compulsory and your company is cordially welcome. Children are welcome is supervised.
    3. THE ANNIAL (children’s) XMAS PARTY in Brampton Village Hall at 4pm on Christmas Eve (24th December). Please let Geoff or Helen know if you would like your little ones (or grandchildren) to attend (alternatively contact us via the website)

    Please try and support these events if you can.

    Here’s wishing you all the compliments of the season.

  • Better Broadband for Brampton and Oxnead

    We understand informally that the new superfast cabinet for Brampton and Oxnead is now working if you want to consider an upgrade. I am reliably informed that at least one supplier is claiming speeds of 74mb.

  • Brampton Autumn – bronze


    A few sharp frosts in recent days have nipped the leaves off the Sycamore and the Ash trees, but the Oak leaves have just turned a rich burnished bronze. This one, on the south side of Keeper’s Wood gently glows in the morning sunlight.

  • Village Hall events NOV / DEC 2016

    An update on Village Hall events in the run up to Xmas. I apologise for the lateness of this again as I have not been 100% and I was waiting for some confirmations. The following events are planned –

    1. A brief informal meeting at 8pm on Friday 25th November in the Village Hall. This will be to discuss future plans and events including, possibly, a re-structuring of Club and Hall management. A few volunteers are required but the time-call is not great although you will be doing a service for your village. This meeting will be followed by –
    2. The opening of the Village Club and Bar from 8.30pm (or perhaps a little earlier) on FRIDAY 25th NOVEMBER. I am hoping that ADY will be running one of his “WIND-UP” nights at this opening with music like it used to be and convivial company.
    3. The VILLAGE CHILDREN’S XMAS PARTY from 4pm on DECEMBER 24th (Xmas Eve) to be organised by Geoff and Helen who will provide more details nearer the time but if you have children that may like to attend in your family please let them know (or via a reply to this email).
    4. Traditionally there is an adults VILLAGE XMAS PARTY on the evening following the children’s event. Children are welcome to this if accompanied and supervised. Normally this involves bring and share food and I have not heard that it won’t so please assume it will.
    St Peters in the snow
    St Peters in the snow
  • Remembrance


  • Jam news – sale of produce to benefit Brampton Church – can you help?

    The mini market stall (“Fiona’s Fayre”) at the junction of The Street and Marsham Road has been a storming success. Fiona’s Crab Apple Jelly has been whizzing off the shelves. If any one else in the village would be willing to sell their Autumn produce on the stall they would be very welcome – so if you have some spare jams or jellies, some fresh vegetables or other home grown produce, then please add to the stall’s delectable selection. All proceeds collected go for the benefit of Brampton Church.

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