• The Island

    Footpath by “The Island”

    The County Council originally granted the footpath order requested and campaigned for by Brampton & Oxnead Parish Council through the Island on the north bank of the Bure. This has now been appealled against and a Planning Inquiry will take place to determine the future of this path. The County Council have backed away from supporting their order and are taking a neutral stance it therefore falls to the Parish Council to make the case before the Inspector.

    Wildlife and Country Side Act 1981 Section 53 Norfolk County Council (Brampton) Modification Order 2010

    Brampton Footpath No 9 – Order to add a public footpath to the Definitive Map and Statement of Public Righes of Way across the area of land known as ‘the island’ adjoining Public Footpath No 9, Brampton.

    Please see information for the Inquiry by the Planning Inspectorate into this Order which will be held at 10.00 am on Tuesday 19th July 2011 at Marsham Village Hall, High Street, Marsham, Norwich NR10 5AE.  It is anticipated that it will last for just one day

  • Elections

    Elections for Parish Councillors will be held on 5th May

    The timetable for the 2011 local council elections (including for the Parish Council) is now available in the “Our Files” section to the left.

    There will be seven vacancies on Brampton and Oxnead Parish Council

    Will you be standing?  Will you vote?

    To make your voice heard on issues that matter to you.

    • to influence planning
    • to choose who should represent our community
    • to decide how much public money the Parish Council should spend and on what
    • to provide facilities for all age groups

    Nomination packs are available from:

    Mr Stuart Wilson (chairman of the Council) 01603 279510

    Broadland District Council: 01603 430417

    The parish Clerk: [email protected]

    Completed forms must be received at Broadland District Council by noon 4th April 2011

  • Parish Magazine

    The Round

    The parish magazine for Brampton, Buxton, Lamas, Little Hautbois and Oxnead.

    It contains local news, dairy of local events and advertisements from local traders.

    We hope you will find it informative.


  • Village Hall Club & News

    Next Village Hall meeting

    FRIDAY 8th APRIL 2011 @ 8pm
    The attendance at the “emergency” meeting of the club on March 18th was disappointing although there was a significant number of apologies.
    One thought was that there was too little notice.
    Therefore the meeting will has been rescheduled for 8pm on Friday 8th April in the Village Hall.
    Please see ‘Our Files’ for further information and notes from previous meetings
    For those that would like a drink please bring a bottle for drinks and convivial chat after the meeting.
    The very existence of the village hall relies on an active club generating income. Failure to produce income could mean the costs of the hall falling back on the Parish which would have a very detrimental impact on our level of precept, that’s to say the Council Tax will go up. The club is not just a drinking den as some have said – there is so much more that could and should be done but it needs your input. Please try to attend and encourage others to come as well- if we don’t use the village hall we will lose it !
    The village club is open to all residents of Brampton and Oxnead – you do not need to be a member to attend this meeting. If you cannot attend but have some suggestions please let us know.

    This is our Village Hall and this page of the website is for us to fill with events and activities

    UPDATE 5/3/2011 : As of today’s date the Village Hall is usable again and available to hire.

    The electrical works on the village hall are nearing completion and a small plumbing job then remains before the hall can be put back in to use although formally the fire officer has to agree first. The hall should certainly be available for the annual Parish Meeting and then Easter afterwards.

    The practical problem now returns of getting use from the hall. The Village Club for a variety of reasons has fallen in to a period of in-activity despite the fact that there are funds within it. The future of the hall will soon be debated within the village but we have to establish a requirement for the hall above and beyond the occasional Parish Meeting and as a polling station.

    Parish Council chairman, Stuart Wilson writes -:”To help me, the Parish Council and the wider village including what is left of the Club I have devised a quick and probably un-scientific survey to establish the current level of support for resurrecting  social activities from the hall. This survey can be found on the Survey page of this website and I would really appreciate as many of you as possible taking 5 minutes to complete it. I am aware of some of the reasons behind the Club’s recent difficulties but I appeal to people for the good of the village to stop, draw breath and start over. We are at a quarter to midnight as far as the hall is concerned.”


    The Parish Council met on the evening of the 22nd July and took positive action towards saving our village hall. Firstly a new fire risk assessment has been adopted and the electrical wiring will be tested and any remedial work done as soon as is practicable.

    It was also agreed that volunteers from within the council will undertake remedial work to the floor. It is hoped that these works will be done soon. If you would like to volunteer to help please contact any Councillor.

    Hopefully the hall will be back in use in time for a Xmas party.

    This is an opportunity for you to help. Please contact [email protected]

  • Brampton Car Share Scheme

    It has been suggested that the website includes a car share page for people wishing to share commutes and other journeys . With the cost of fuel at the moment such a scheme holds a lot of attractions so we have decided to trial it.


    To register please contact [email protected]

    You can register as either somebody offering a lift or if you are looking for one. For fairly obvious security reasons we will not put your name and address up so it is not obvious that you are out and away from home. You will be allocated a number and your offer / requirements will be shown on the site. If you wish to accept an offer or provide a lift please email the above and you will be put in touch with each other. Please make it clear where and when you are going and the approximate time of departure. There are no other rules therefore if any long-term car shares are arranged the financial arrangements are between the parties concerned and not the responsability of this website. Initially we will trial this for a couple of months to see if it is popular and used. The scheme starts immediately for lifts week commencing 14/3/2011.


    002 Brampton to Ipswich – various dates departing 05:45 – 06:00 returning mid-afternoon.

    003 Brampton to Norwich & return (work commute) daily


    002 Brampton to Ipswich – various dates departing 05:45 – 06:00 returning mid-afternoon.


  • Brampton, Norfolk

    This website is for the village of Brampton in Norfolk. The village is linked through the Parish Council with the neighbouring historic hamlet of Oxnead.

    Brampton is one of the smallest villages in Norfolk and is almost certainly the smallest of all the places with the same name throughout the world. The village is located in the valley of the River Bure some 2.5 miles from the market town of Aylsham.

    The village sign (above) gives a clue to the fact that the village has a rich history. Archaeological finds go back to the neolithic era but much dates from Roman times when the site was a bustling industrial centre with maritime links to the rest of the empire. Pottery and metal products were the main items manufactured here. The village sign is based on a Roman artefact discovered in the village which can now be seen in Norwich Castle Museum. Excavations in the 1960’s & 70’s uncovered a Roman bath house and much evidence of industrial activity. It also identified the location of the port area from where the manufactured items were exported.

    The River Bure was navigable through Brampton until 1912 when wherries (Norfolk cargo carrying river boats) would transit to the mill at Aylsham. Brampton itself had a staithe (landing place) and at least one wherry was based here. Today the head of navigation is Coltishall from where the Bure forms an important part of the Broads network as it wends its way to Great Yarmouth.

    Today the village is unspoilt and very quiet. Visitors on foot, bike or horseback are very welcome but our narrow lanes and lack of parking makes a visit by car very difficult. There is a station at Brampton on the Bure Valley Railway; a footpath and cycle way runs alongside.

    There are a number of footpaths in and around Brampton. One of the favourites is the causeway path (known as the ‘Karnser’) that leads to Burgh-next-Aylsham. This route crosses the Bure by way of the Cradle Bridge and then crosses the churchyard of St. Mary’s Church in Burgh.

    St. Peter’s Church Brampton lies at the north of the village at the end of a shallow ridge which overlooks the river valley.  The church is one of the 124 ‘round-tower’ churches of Norfolk and is Grade II* Listed Building.


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