• Brampton Spring: the arrival of the Cuckoo

    The Cuckoo is slightly early this year; announcing his presence with a circuit of the village at 5.15 this morning. In the clear, slightly chilly morning air his call was clear and close – the closer they are, the more the syllables separate. His aerial tour continued to the river, calling all the way.

  • Brampton Spring: mimic

    For some days now we have been scanning the skies for the early morning Buzzard whose call drifts across the village. The strange thing being that Buzzards are not normally early risers. The tend to wait for the warmer air which makes their thermal-borne soaring survey so much easier. This one seemed to be an early bird. Then it became clear. The Buzzard in the copse, in which the trees look too spindly to support a bird of any size, was not a Buzzard at all. The call was that of a mimic; a Jay, which seemed to be chortling quietly to itself as it hopped away – happy to have caused a little confusion in the garden.

  • Brampton Spring: chorus at dawn

    The dawn chorus is reaching a new intensity. The song of the natives, such as the Robin and the Wren, is being strengthened by the complex warblings of newly arrived summer visitors. Setting aside the monotony of the Chiffchaff’s two-note, the chorus has been expanded by other members of the Warbler clan. Blackcaps and Garden Warblers can now be be heard – they seem to have upped the general volume with their full-throated tunes. They seem to be making themselves at home in the shrubby wildernesses of copses and marshy areas which are scattered through the parish. We wait for the Cuckoo.

    As for the trees, the Oaks buds are starting to burst, many Sycamores are out, the Hawthorns are a rich green. The Ashes are yet to show. The Blackthorns, or those which have survived the scorched earth policy of the over zealous clearance of the Bure Valley Railway, are adorned with snow fresh blossom.

  • Brampton Spring: Easter Sunday – departures and arrivals

    The morning of Easter Sunday is clear and bright. The fresh southerly breeze of yesterday afternoon has delivered change. This morning Spring migrants have arrived. Only last Thursday the Winter Thrushes, Fieldfare and Redwings, were gathering on the freshly ploughed Church Field. By Good Friday they had left for the tundra.

    This morning a single Swallow swooped around Fern Cottage, vibrant chattering call announcing its arrival. The garden near Pear Tree Pyghtle echoes to the persistent call of a Chiffchaff. A flock of Golden Plover drift around on the strong breeze directly over the village; their melodic, almost mournful, whistling calls gently shower down. The flock numbers forty or so, perhaps more. They stopover for a few days in Spring and Autumn – centring on the same fields and occasionally setting off on circular flights around the parish calling as they go. To me this is the real sign that Spring is here.

  • Brampton Carol Singing 2016

    Thankfully Christmas Eve was a fine clear night with the moon almost full. The Brampton Carol Singers sang their way through the village and raised £198 for East Anglian Children’s Hospice through their efforts and the kind generosity (not to mention their hospitality) of the villagers.

    Wishing you all a very happy Christmas.

  • Brampton Coffee Morning: Bring ‘n’ Buy

    Brampton HoneysuckleThis morning’s plant bring and buy sale at the village hall raised £70.60 for village hall and church funds. Thanks to all who came and especially those who supplied plants and cake.

  • Brampton Polling Station

    Turnout: 107

  • Christmas 2014

    The Parish Council for Brampton and Oxnead wishes you a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. Over the festive period the Clerk is taking a well deserved break but in emergencies please contact Stuart Wilson, the Chairman.

    The photos are from the Brampton Carol Concert held on December 21st 2014. Remember that the Carol Singers will be round as normal on Christmas Eve so please give them a cheery welcome and be generous.

    Brampton Carol Concert 2014 copyright Stuart Wilson
    Brampton Carol Concert 2014 copyright Stuart Wilson


    Brampton Carol Concert 2014 copyright Stuart Wilson
    Brampton Carol Concert 2014 copyright Stuart Wilson
    Brampton Carol Concert 2014 copyright Stuart Wilson
    Brampton Carol Concert 2014 copyright Stuart Wilson
  • Carol Service

    Christmas at Brampton Church 2014


  • Parish Council for Brampton and Oxnead needs you !!!

    There is a meeting of the Brampton and Oxnead Parish Council at 7:30pm on 12th November 2014 in Brampton Village Hall. This is your council and members of the public are welcome to attend and there are opportunities to ask questions.

    A vacancy also exists on the Council that we can fill by co-option so if you are interested please either come along or email the clerk on [email protected] It is a vacancy open to any residents of Brampton and Oxnead although you must be over 18 – meetings last a couple of hours at most and they take place 4 times a year although sometimes single issue meetings occur in-between. This is something really positive that you can do for your community. Training courses funded by the council are available but not compulsory.

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