Resurfacing THE STREET

Just in case you don’t know The Street, Brampton is being re-surfaced. The plan is to do the job tomorrow but it does depend on the weather – we will however not get any further notice. Please try not to park cars on The Street as this will delay the work. There will also be road sweeping on the following day.
Please also remember that they use a tar base so animals should not be allowed on The Street as the work is done and for a little while after.
The road will not be closed but there will be inconvenience. In the Parish Council we have been asking for this work to be done for several years and hopefully they can complete in a few hours and the road will be better afterwards although there will be loose chippings that can be dangerous.
Please let your neighbours know.
There remains a vacancy on the Parish Council which we can fill by co-option if anyone is interested please contact Maggie Claridge, the Clerk, on [email protected]
Despite the promise of the contractor to do the road work today (30/06) it is very clear that nothing has happened – I am a little annoyed on your behalf about this and our Parish Clerk has spoken to the area engineer who now says that it may be anytime in the next three working days. We will try and get better imminent warning but they may just turn up unannounced so can we please try to keep the road clear again. Nothing will happen if the weather is bad and I do appreciate that it is difficult. I do thank residents though as the road was clear today when they were supposed to turn up.
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