Village Club open and an up and coming event

The Village Club and Bar will be open in the Village Hall for a period on the evening of Saturday 30th January 2016 (sorry about the short notice). The Club needs your support and it helps keep the Village Hall alive.
At 7:30pm on the evening of February 26th 2016 there will be an event in the Village Hall that we are calling “Meet the Neighbours”. We recognise that over the last couple of years there have been a number of new people coming in to the village and this is a chance for them to meet with others and also a chance for longer standing residents to meet each other and to find out what is going on in the Village. There will be a very short presentation covering the Church, Parish Council and Village Hall when issues like Better Broadband, what is happening to the Phone Box, Recycling and how it helps the village and even the state of the roads will be covered. After that meeting and on the same night the Bar and Club will be open if anyone wants to stay for a convivial chat
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