Village Resilience Plan

The Parish Council (Stuart Wilson) is working on a Resilience Plan for Brampton and Oxnead. This is what used to be called the Emergency Plan and ours will mesh with those of neighbouring villages which in turn feed in to District and County plans. At its simplest it is a risk assessment (we assess weather related events as the most likely to cause disruption) but also a communication tree, list of safe shelters in public and private buildings, volunteers prepared to assist with their 4×4’s, tractors or power tools and it also identifies those that are vulnerable within our community. Mostly it codifies common-sense. It also lists those with special skills such as builders, tree surgeons and medically trained people. Ideally we should also have a first responder (any volunteers?).

Are you prepared to assist by being in the communication tree or by making your specialist vehicles and equipment available to the community in emergencies that we earnestly hope never happen? Please contact Stuart or the Clerk on [email protected]

When complete the plan will be published on this website.


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