Award Commendation for Brampton Artist

Katy Armes of Brampton was singled out to receive a special individual commendation from the biennial Art in a Religious Context award which was given in London just over two weeks ago from the charity Art & Christian Enquiry.

This was for her work “NoThing” at St John the Baptist Church at Hellington (which is a Church managed by the Churches Conservation Trust and is located just off the Loddon Road from Norwich at Hellington Corner).

This was a notable commendation as she was facing stiff competition from works such as:

Anthony Gormley’s  human form work “Transport” at Canterbury Cathedral

Tom Denny’s new stained glass “Transfiguration” window at Durham Cathedral

Amongst others including the winners which were Two commemorative stained glass windows “Contrary Rhythm” and “Untitled” (Intimations of frost) for St John’s
church, Healey, in Northumberland

Katy’s work can be seen online at

But really should be seen at the Church which has a local keyholder. In particular
look at the many comments that it has generated from visitors. Katy deserves all of our congratulations for the spendour of her achievment and for the thoughtfulness of her artwork.

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