Chimney Sweep Day 2016

Geoff Ball has agreed to do another Brampton and Oxnead Chimney Sweep day (or days if the demand is great enough) this year. The way the day(s) work is that Geoff will dedicate his time to the village exclusively and get as much done in one go as he can.
The cost has been held over the last few years but Geoff has advised that it will have to rise this year to £40 a flue which is still a saving to each household. THE DATES WILL BE 20th September 2016 running over to the 21st if necessary. I will collate the calls for Geoff as a favour to the village. We try to accommodate times that suit but can’t definitely promise. If anybody will be out or away we can make arrangements to hold a key.
The offer is open to Brampton and Oxnead. Please let your neighbours know as I don’t have everybody’s email address and there are always people including some of our more mature neighbours that find this helpful.
Please let me know (by email if you know my address or via comments on here) if you want Geoff to call with a preference for date and time but there can be no promises on that although we normally manage to suit everybody. Details will also be posted on the Village Facebook page.
Stu Wilson
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