Village Club – do you have any ideas?

Brampton Village Hall has recently had some work done to improve it and make it more user friendly in the short to medium term whilst the longer term future is further considered. This work includes new windows. There is some further work to be done if we can fund it.

An important part of the Village Hall is the club which is open to all residents of Brampton and Oxnead. At present the club is open just once each month on the last Friday. On these Friday openings it mostly consists of the bar being open, darts etc, conversation and joviality. If I’m honest these nights often consist of the same people so it would also be nice to see you if you’ve never been before or only come along rarely.

To maximize usage and also hopefully generate some income it has been suggested that some themed events are tried (not necessarily to be held at the hall).

Suggestions so far include -:

1. Barbeque (summer)

2. Fete (summer) (for those that don’t know Brampton used to hold great fete’s on The Street outside the hall)

3. Quiz night (autumn)

4. Food night (themed or something as simple as getting fish and chips in)

5. A film show (I have a great old Will Hay film from the 1930’s)

6. Talent night – “open Mike” with a twist (no Mike) – I do actually know someone starting out in stand-up who might come along for free (or a drink) and there must be lots of other talent out there.

7. A reprise of Adrian’s 78 rpm musical soiree

8. A race night

9. Games night

In addition there will always be the village Christmas Parties (children’s and adults).

Can you help? Have you any ideas? We would like to get a calendar of events planned and published – is there anything that you can help with or do you have a pet project of your own that you can organize for the community?

Please let me know if you are able to help or organize something or, just as importantly, if any of the ideas above really grab you as good or bad. We will then try and get a programme out.

The hall is also available to hire very reasonably if you need it for anything.

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