Litter pick 2013

Late morning on Saturday, with snow in the air and a biting nor’easterly wind blowing, seven hardy souls ventured out to pick litter from around the village. The Big Tidy Up has become an annual event.

Fast food containers and the so-easily disposable coffee cups and endless beer bottles were there in usual quantities. A rather sad collection of empty bottles of a cheap whisky from some secret drinker near the railway line. The ever present wrappers from contractor’s packed lunches infested the routes through Hall Farm. The rather strange mentality that makes dog walkers bag up dog turd and then chuck the whole lot into the hedge baffles us. But, after completing various circuits of the byways around the village, all who turned out were satisfied with a job well done. Total litter harvest: 6 sacks full. Thanks to all who lent their time.

The crocuses are in flower around the village sign and this helps to lift the spirits.

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