Signs on River Bure / Oxnead Fishery

We have received reports that notices placed by the Oxnead Fishery manager are being vandalised and removed. When these notices first appeared they were a little large and over-bearing but Ashe Hurst, the Manager concerned has made them less obtrusive whilst still being readable. These signs are part of a new effort to establish a sustainable fishery and to protect the river environment. Oxnead Fishery is not trying to restrict access to the river for walkers; indeed they are welcome on the designated paths but the bank and wildlife habitats need protecting. The indiscriminate launching of canoes in particular has caused the bank to degrade in places.

Ashe says “The signs state that the fishing is for private members only. However we can instruct Fishery Members and Non Members to leave the land as it is private property if they are in breach of fishery rules. We can instruct Members & Non Members to retain their dog on a lead and to clean up any fouling as instructed by the land owners.

Access  into the river from the bank or from the river onto the bank requires prior land owners ( Riparian) consent. The land owners have informed Ashe that access consent into and from the river is only granted to: The land owners Family & Friends, The Canoe Man , 1st Buxton Scouts and Oxnead Fishery Syndicate.

Through Passage by canoes is supported and unrestricted except where environmental impact is causing damage to the banks and spawning gravels or wilful interference to those habitats or Fishery Members becomes a conflict of interest”.

Ashe has also stated in respect of the signs that “I have consent to display them and have to legally define our remit of  public insurance liability and membership access consent and these thefts and vandalism amount to criminal damage & theft”.

Ashe is new to this river but he is a man with a vast experience and a lot to offer. He is very knowledgable about the fish and other wildlife and is supportive of the right to access.

This Council and the Bure Navigation Conservation Trust hopes to have a worthwhile and ongoing dialogue with Ashe that will lead to improvements for everybodies benefit. For more information on the Trust and the Aylsham Navigation Project 2012 please click here.

Please let us know what you think.

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