A Speed Limit for Brampton?

It has been long standing Parish Council policy to get a speed limit in the village which currently has a limit of 60 mph which is the national non dual-carriageway maximum. As a village we have our children using the lanes along with walkers, cyclists and horse riders. Our lanes are narrow with few passing places, we have high hedges, sharp bends and bridge humps all limiting visibility and yet we have no formal limit. The Police, quite rightly, say that anybody actually doing 60 down the lanes would be committing another offence, namely driving without due care. However is somebody doing 40 committing the same offence and what about 45 or even 35; there is no clarity which a formal limit would bring. So what kind of limit do we want?

Speaking personally I would like to see 30 mph but I have heard strong arguments for 20. The sad fact is that none of this would be necessary if our own residents kept their speed down. There are very few offenders and they know who they are but do we really have to wait for a serious accident before something is done? Join in the debate and let us know

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